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Simka Global is an educational and travel ministry that connects people with their cultural biblical inheritance and Hebrew heritage through travel, workshops, retreats and educational material. In Hebrew “Simka” means “joy,” a superpower that combats fear, banishes anger, and disrupts confrontation. Providentially, a treasure trove of joy, inherited from the first Church, comes packaged with our Christian heritage.

Kefa is honored to journey with Simka Global as they explore and fulfill their divine calling.

Wonders of Israel Tour 2023

In our lifetime, there has never been a more important time to visit the Land of Israel. The ancient stone pathways where Jesus walked still tell stories that transform pilgrims who visit the place he called home. In the Wonders of Israel tour Winter 2022, you’ll touch the place of miracles, like heaven come down to earth. You’ll walk along the shores of the Kinneret in Galilee, view the ruins of Herod’s palace in the Mediterranean, and dip your toes in the Sea that’s in the lowest place on the planet. You’ll meet holocaust survivors, pray with Israeli Arab Christians, and embark on an agricultural expedition while perceiving the world of the Bible in a whole new way. You’ll encourage IDF soldiers on post, share Shabbat dinner in the home of our Orthodox Jewish friends and sense God’s goodness, power and joy everywhere you go. This is Israel. Our partner in adventure, Keshet Journeys, delivers unparalleled journeys for Kingdom leaders around the world. With Keshet on our team, 4.5 star boutique hotel accommodations, among Israel’s finest, await your arrival. These luxurious accommodations come a with culinary flair to please even the most discerning palate. Full itinerary available above. Space is limited.


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